The Best Choice for Your Patients

Protea Dental Studio is a specialized service dental laboratory founded by Leon Hermanides, CDT, to provide fixed prosthetics for dentists and their patients who are seeking comprehensive restorative dental solutions. A Kois-trained laboratory, we follow principles taught by Dr John Kois at The Kois Center in Seattle, WA, and work best with dentists who incorporate these principles into their clinical protocols. 

            We at Protea Dental Studio understand that there is a real person whose life will be impacted by the work we deliver to their dentists. For this reason, we focus on patient expectations as conveyed to us by their clinician. We believe that, when we make the time to understand the expectations of our dentists and their patients, we are fully responsible for and capable of producing consistent and predictable restorations that will reflect positively on the clinical capabilities of the attending dentist. Because the relationship with our referring dentists is the foundation of our partnership, we begin by dedicating ample time to ensure that we understand what our clients expect while simultaneously conveying how we prepare ourselves to meet those expectations. 

            Protea Standards are consistent, specific and non-negotiable, and each member of our team holds him or herself – and each other – to those standards at each step in the process. A series of quality control checks – against those non-negotiable Protea Standards – ensures that the best result is consistently and predictably delivered. Our focus on marrying esthetics and function while addressing each patient’s clinical challenges and limitations ensures that even the most difficult cases will receive the expertise and attention they require. 

            What can you expect as a Protea Dental Studios client? Clear paths of communication. On-time delivery – every time. Priority pre-scheduling of your cases to minimize the gap between prep and impressions and delivery – faster turnaround means better results. Guaranteed results – we will make it right every time.  Our goal is your goal: seamless transition from what is to what will be while ensuring that the creative process is trouble-free, convenient and predictable. 

At Protea, we provide excellence without compromise.