For Our Patients

Welcome to our patient education page!  Your dentist has selected us to restore your smile due to our years of experience giving patients, like yourself, the smile they have always dreamed about.  Our staff are amongst the most highly trained and skilled dental technicians in the country, and our company is committed to excellence in every service we provide.

We at Protea Dental Studio understand that there is a real person whose life will be impacted by the work we deliver to their dentists. For this reason, we focus on patient expectations as conveyed to us by their clinician. We believe that when we make the time to understand the expectations of our dentists and their patients, we are fully responsible for and capable of producing consistent and predictable restorations that will reflect positively on the clinical capabilities of the attending dentist.

As every patient is unique, we are always happy to receive your input to help us build you a personalized smile! Please feel free to email us or call us toll-free at (877) 568-6181.

Custom shade appointments typically last 20 minutes. We will ask you questions and take photos. Feel free to come with questions of your own. We would be happy to help in any way we can.

*** Please brush your teeth prior to the appointment***

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