Our Technology

Our Technology

Intra-oral Scanning (IOS) Technology and the explosion of options.

Every day it seems new and different options for implementing IOS technology in your practice bombard your inbox. For many dentists, the options are confusing. With the costs associated with implementation being so high, a poor buying decision or inconsistent implementation carries a significant financial risk.

At Protea Dental Studio we have spent the last 12 years developing and implementing our digital workflow with the emphasis onconsistency and predictability expected of us by a highly trained and skilled customer base. Successful implementation of IOS technology requires partners who understand and anticipate the difficulties and can work with you to realize the full potential of your investment in technology.

What System do I buy?

Every salesperson has a list of reasons for you to buy their system, often justified with dubious science and references from ‘experts’ in the field. The truth, however, is usually different and believe me when I tell you we have learned this the hard way time and again. Our experience investing in technology over the years has certainly taught us some important lessons that I think are valuable enough to share with you as you negotiate this journey:

All the IOS systems, within reason and some notable exceptions, are accurate enough to deliver your typical day-to-day dentistry with similar predictability to a PVS impression.

None of the systems are accurate 100% of the time; there continues to be issues with cameras, software, and user error.
Getting trained to a high level of competence is as important with your IOS technology as with any other tool in your practice. Be certain your vendor is prepared to train you and your team to the level you expect, not the typical level they are used to.

Understand that there will be downtime. None of the machines are without their issues and you will need to be prepared. Redundancy in technology is how major manufacturers maintain their production efficiency, but with the cost of these systems, it is not always viable at your practice scale.
Know and understand your vendor’s product support network. If you need a service call or replacement unit, how long will it take?

Remember these IOS systems are purchased to realize a return on investment in your practice, so you don’t need to pay extra for the gimmicks. Save the fun stuff for your iPhone.

Never use longer than a 3-year calculation/payment to realize your return on investment. These systems are updated and are changing at a blistering pace, and it is possible to get stuck paying for technology that is redundant and can’t be repaired.

Why now?

As with all technology, the tipping point is different for each individual as to when it makes sense to invest. However, we believe there are significant benefits to implementing the IOS systems now, amongst them:

  • The systems are predictable and simple to use. They can transfer more usable information to the labs such as pre-op situation of the teeth more efficiently.
  • The time and cost of rescanning is significantly less than retaking an impression.
  • When working in the mouth and viewing the scan on the screen, your tooth preps are larger than life. This will help identify issues before the case is sent to the lab and can help reduce chair time during delivery appointments.
  • Moving the files between the practice and dental laboratory is as simple as saving a file to your vendor site/portal, and the lab will do the rest.
  • The data can be retained and reused for many different applications, unlike an impression which is thrown away after use requiring the patient to come back to the practice for each additional impression.
  • With the help of a trained technology expert, data can be stored and archived without the space required by traditional models.
  • Archived data can be retrieved and used to demonstrate to patients the progression of wear on their teeth or gingival recession.

Why us?

At Protea Dental Studio we have spent the last 12 years implementing technology into our workflow to deliver the most esthetic, functional, and consistent restorations possible. Our team of experts can help guide you and your team in the use and appropriate applications for IOS technology to deliver a seamless, rewarding patient experience.


Passion fuels our success and is contagious.   Leon is passionate about dentistry.  Since I have started working with Leon and Protea Dental Studio, I have improved my skills and knowledge as well as finding joy and enthusiasm in comprehensive dentistry.   I have spent thousands of dollars on my continuing education but, for many years, I was unable to fully perform at the level that I was trained for.  Trusting that we will deliver the best dentistry based on skills, sciences, ethics and open communication has been very valuable.

Dr. Alison Han, DMD


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