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Diagnostics and Treatment Planning

As a Clinical Instructor at the Kois Center and with over 25 years of experience delivering comprehensive restorative treatments, Leon has the education and training to help develop an individualized treatment plan for your patient based on their clinical limitations and needs.

After designing an appropriate treatment, our team will provide options to segment and sequence your treatment to help manage the complexity and financial impact of restoring your patient’s dental health. Our blueprint development process provides opportunities to create functional stability and test treatment outcomes before a burr touches a tooth.

Please call or email us with a time that fits your schedule and we will be happy to arrange a time to meet in person or by phone/Skype to discuss your case.

Gold Crowns and Inlays/Onlays

Still a ‘gold standard’ in the restoration of single posterior teeth, we have two options for alloys to best suit your budget.

All Ceramics

When restoring single teeth, either anterior or posterior, we recommend the versatile EMax® system for the fantastic esthetics and predictable long-term results. We provide both monolithic and micro-layered EMax® restorations.

When encountering situations where the preparation is dark or metallic or when demanding a higher strength option, we currently recommend the Cercon® Zirconia for single tooth and FPD solutions. We use both high strength and more transparent, more esthetic options.

A Comprehensive Range of Implant Services

We are comfortable restoring single teeth or full arch implant supported restorations and working with most implant systems. Our restorative options are selected to best suit your patient’s long-term dental health goals.


Protea Dental Studio exceeds my expectations in each and every department. Their communication is pleasant, informative and efficient and the artistry of every prosthesis is breath taking yet predictable.  Leon’s expertise and accessibility is refreshing and takes you to a new level of dentist-ceramist relationship. 

I am wholeheartedly grateful to Leon and his talented team for the excellence and consistency they deliver. It has enriched my professional life with peace and confidence. Their beautiful work rewards us with an abundance of compliments from our demanding patients and my specialists as well.

Working with the Protea team for over 10 years is a true blessing.

Thank you from our team and our grateful patients! 

Izabelė Sagat, DDS

Agoura Hills, CA

Let’s work together

Give us a call or send us a case. We look forward to working with you.

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